Title: Sweet Salvation (Nasty Habits #1)
Author: Lily Miles
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Forbidden Romance
Publisher: Written Warrior Press
Publication date: 23 October 2019
Ebook: 318 pages
My Rating: ★★★


Discover what happens when forbidden passion ignites in the most unlikely of places!

A strict, Catholic nunnery in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.
Beautiful, virginal Sister Margaret is devoted only to one thing, and that’s her faith. Along with her other pure, young sisters, she’s committed to living a simple life of sacred duty in the Convent of the Blessed Virgin.
That is, if only evil, sadistic Mother Superior Antonia Humilitas would leave them alone.
Then, tall, handsome Trevor is assigned to work off his troubled past in the convent gardens.
He’s trouble, alright, and it’s up to Maggie to save him, body and soul.
But the question is: Who is saving whom?


Sweet Salvation by Lily Miles was a slow burn romance that I absolutely enjoyed until the last page. Although it touches on a sensitive subject (religion) I was pleasantly surprised by the authors writing style. It was fun, light and had the right amount of naughtiness.

Margaret has always wanted to become a nun. Her catholic missionary parents instilled in her the love for god and the holly cloth. But life at the nunnery isn't at all what she imagined, especially when the Reverend is thrown into the picture, things get even more complicated and Maggie begins to question if the path she has chosen is really what she wants.

"Like a moth to the flame, he captivates me, ad I'm unable to resist the thrall of his arms as they spread to welcome me."

The protagonists are well presented and relatable. I liked the backstory for both Margaret and Trevor. She is a beautiful girl with strong beliefs in god. She is compassionate and a good friend to her nun sisters, but what I loved most about her was her inner strength. Once she discovered that there is more to life than just the nunnery she became brazen and didn't shy away from the deep and complicated feelings blooming inside her heart. And Trevor was so sweet and protective towards Maggie. He had a rough upbringing and by a twist of fate he ended up working at this nunnery but it was the best thing that happened to him because here he encounters the beautiful brunette nun that gives his life a new purpose. The heat between them is intense and their connection so genuine. I savored every interaction they had.

"It's like she's water and I'm a parched, dying man, crawling on his hands and knees towards her oasis. Every step may be torture, but it'll be worth it."

Also, the other characters are complex and were well presented. All of Maggie's nun friends have unique personalities, their banter and conversations made the story fun and entertaining. But Catherine was the one who impressed me, she's the type of secondary character that gets under your skin and you just want to know more about her. She made the plot even more intriguing.

The story was told mostly from dual POV. I like that we to get to see both Margret's and Trevor's inner struggles, and as an added bonus there are a few chapters written in the third person in between, that make a great addition to the overall atmosphere of the book.

Overall all it was a delightful story and I'm definitely gonna read other books from this author. I recommend it!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *