Title: Audition

Author: Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark, Romantic Suspense
Publication date: December 2019
Ebook: 215 pages
My Rating: ★★★★


Blood and sweat. Bethany Lewis danced her way out of poverty. She's a world-class athlete... with a debt to pay.

Joshua North always gets what he wants. And the mercenary wants Bethany in his bed. He wants her beautiful little body bent to his will.

She doesn't surrender to his kiss.
He doesn't back down from a challenge.
It's going to be a sensual fight... to the death.

AUDITION is the enthralling spin-off from the bestselling North Security series by Skye Warren, though it can be read separately.


Audition is a standalone spin-off from the North Security series. I was highly anticipating this book and Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde managed to create an exquisite tale of love and loss that captivated me from the first pages.

The story follows Josh North and Bethany Lewis, two bruised souls that fate brought together. Josh is a mercenary, trained to be a ruthless killer. His past torments him, he doesn't feel worthy of love and tenderness, and my heart broke for him seeing how hard he was trying to keep his emotions towards Bethany in check. Although he tries really hard to be the ultimate asshole, he still does everything to protect the girl who enthralled him from the first moment he laid his eyes on her.

”It’s not the violence that scares him. It never has been. It’s the certainty that he’ll lose me, that he’ll lose everyone. He’d rather walk away before it happens. He’s the bravest man I know, but in this, in love, he’s still a goddamn coward.”

Bethany is a ballerina, she has a natural talent for dancing. She's such a strong young woman. Passionate and determined to succeed and make a name for herself. Both her and Josh have strong personalities but they complement each other perfectly. Their chemistry was sizzling hot and oozed from the pages. I enjoyed the push and pull between them, their banter and taunting and the growing tension, up to the moment they let their guards down and came undone in each other arms. And damn Joshua's dirty mouth (fanning like crazy)... he was utterly delicious and the perfect alpha male.

”This woman will never stop fighting. It’s the truly twisted part of me that finds her a turn-on. I don’t want her surrender.”

The book was written in dual POV, which I absolutely loved. The chapters alternate between present and past and that gives the reader a better understanding of the story and makes the plot more interesting. The action was well-paced, with enough tensed moments to keep me glued to the pages and there was a twist that really threw me of about how this book would end.

This is definitely one of my top reads of this year. I loved everything about Bethany and Joshua and I hope we'll get to see more of them in the future. I highly recommend this book!