Title: Freed (Dark Love Duet #2)
Author: Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication date: December 2019
Ebook: 225 pages
My Rating: ★★★★


When you see a ray of light in the darkness, not only does it gives you hope but it also shows a ray of new life.
But what if that very small ray is another path to darkness?
Herold was the light in my dark life, but after losing him I'm engulfed by darkness all over again.

His death destroyed me. I left all my dreams, my friends and my life for him. No matter how hard I tried to move on he still lived in my memories.

But meeting Alex was something I never expected. He came as a tenant in my house but yet whenever I was with him
I felt this familiar pull towards him. It was like I have known him for a long time.

But things took great turns between us. He made me laugh. He made me alive. He even made me fall in love again.
But not everything lasts forever. Soon all this happiness wrecked my life like a hurricane when the truth came into light.
I was destroyed again when reality hit me. Everything that I have been through, everything I have felt...it was all a lie.

I lost belief in love and trust.

But what do you do when you have become so connected with the darkness that the ray of light you always looked for now scares you?

When this very light endangers everyone you love?
I should have never walked through this path of dark love knowing I will be destroyed again. But in the end, somehow this dark love freed me.


Freed is the final installment in the Dark Love Duet and what a thrilling conclusion it was. Shanjida Nusrath Ali managed to write a suspenseful ending to this heartbreaking story between two people who managed to overcome all adversities and find solace in each other's arms.
"I feared I would be destroyed again in this battle. But somehow this very destruction freed me."
The book opens with a bit of a surprise. I didn't quite expect so much time to pass since last we've seen Hope, but nonetheless, it gave the story an interesting twist. Hope is still a fighter, even stronger than before. She manages to rebuild her life after the tragic loss she suffered. I liked that although she went through a lot of bad situations in her life she is still kind-hearted and positive. I like her purity and faith that people can change, and that she can see past the bad things even when some individuals do not deserve her complete trust. And yes it was an innuendo to Herold( or should I rather say Perses/Alex). His behavior was so volatile. His rage outbursts made him a little scary, and I didn't quite like how he acted when he came back into Hope's life. I can understand that it must be difficult to change who you are after years of indoctrination, but he didn't give any sign that he would change until the last moment. But I did enjoy very much that the book was written in dual POV, and we got to see inside Herold's mind. It established a much better connection with his character.

"She thinks I was the light in her life. When the truth is she was the ray of light I had been craving to have for years deep within my soulless heart."

There have been a lot of suspenseful moments and the action kept a good pace. And with danger lurking around the corner, threatening to destroy their lives once more, there wasn't a dull moment. Near the end, a twist of events made me think that Hope and Herold's love story would take another wrong turn but I was delighted that they got their happy ending after all.

"You are my life. Without you, there is no me. There's no us."

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. It was indeed a dark love story, that kept my interest until the last page. I would recommend it to anyone who likes thrilling romances.