Title: King of Shadows
Author: Amelia Wilde
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2020


Luther Hades has always been my family’s sworn enemy. He’s the opposite of everything we stand for—ruthless to the core. 

I’m not afraid of him. It’s my mother who cowers and hides. All my life, she’s hidden me from him. Hidden me from the world. Not anymore.

I’ve planned my escape down to the last detail. But two steps outside the safety of my mother’s house, the devil comes calling. And nobody hears me scream.


Little Sepphie Anthela doesn’t know she’s in danger. That her fool of a lover has betrayed her. That her adorable plan is a death sentence.

She doesn’t know how men look at her.

And she doesn’t know the lengths I’m willing to go to protect her. She’ll be safe in my underground kingdom—even if it kills me.

KING OF SHADOWS is a dirty and dark contemporary retelling of Hades & Persephone. It’s the underworld, after all.

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“Are you going to kill me now?”
My men step up behind her, but she doesn’t dare turn her head. Two of them hook their arms under Decker’s and drag him past us, giving us a wide berth. Her eyes follow his slumped body. The man won’t shut up. All the groaning, the whining—fucking pathetic. 
“You said you would do anything to save him. That was your bargain. Are you telling me you’d rather be dead?”
A flicker of fear is chased off her face by a nameless expression, a light flaring in her eyes. She glances down at Conor, the whites of her eyes glowing in the moonlight. “No,” she whispers. “I want to live.” 
I lean in close, bending down so my lips are level with my ear. Her heart beats hard under my fingertips. She smells sweet, like roses and sunshine and something unique to her. It must be the fresh softness of her. Fuck, the things I’m going to do to her, dangling her not-boyfriend on a string as if she’ll ever be anything but mine. The urge to throw her down into the dirt is so strong it almost overtakes me, but now that all this has transpired, it’s best for the train to move on. I’m no longer interested in dealing with Demeter tonight—not now that I have her daughter for my very own.
The poor thing.
“We’ll see how long that lasts.”


I love myth retellings and Hades and Persephone's story is one of my favorites so when I saw Amelia Wilde's book I knew I had to read it and I am so happy I did because it was exquisite. I am familiar with her writing style and yet again she delivered a beautiful and captivating story.

All her life Persephone was sheltered from the world. Her mother's only desire is to protect her from the evil lurking outside the walls of their estate, but in doing so she only fuels Persephone's curiosity about what adventure awaits in the city and the desire to be independent. At age twenty she dreams of being in love and making her own life, away from her mother's suffocating grip and when the opportunity presents itself she doesn't hesitate to take it. She can almost taste freedom, but her plan goes sideways when Persephone encounters Luther Hades. He is a ruthless man, a devil some call him and his eyes are set on her. And when the devil wants something he always gets it. Finding herself in a desperate situation she has no choice than to strike a bargain with this cruel but handsome man, and by doing so Persephone exchanges one prison for another.

The tension and chemistry between Persephone and Hades are strong for the beginning. The raw attraction she feels towards him is something she can not control and give into her desires seems to be the only way to stop constantly thinking about. She is a naive girl but with a strong personality, her survival instincts make her submissive but there is also fire burning in her heart. And Hades tries his best to behave like the cruel man everyone thinks he is, but being around Persephone changes something inside him, tenderness flows through his cold heart. Their interactions were beautifully presented, I found myself holding my breath through most of the chapters.

The story is told from dual POV, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The plot was definitely interesting, with mystery surrounding the characters, and the threat of something dangerous lurking in the shadows. It was interesting to see Hades interact with his brother Zeus, there's definitely an old grudge between and I would have wanted more details about their relationship and the connection between them and Persephone's mother, but seeing as the book ends with a heartbreaking cliffhanger, I expect we'll get more details about them in the next book. 

Sexy, alluring and emotional this book is a superb version of a classic tale. A modern and enthralling retelling I wholeheartedly recommend and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series holds!

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Releasing August 31


Author Bio

Amelia Wilde wrote her first story when she was six years old, a narrative strongly inspired by The Polar Express. When she was nine she wrote her first novel-length work, all in one paragraph.

Now, Amelia is all about that love. Her romances feature unique, independent heroines and alpha heroes who are strong of heart and body. Readers have described her work as “emotional,” “intense,” “phenomenal,” and “like a child scribbled with a crayon,” which she takes as the highest praise.

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