Title: Prince Pucking Charming
Author: Jillian Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance - Standalone
Release Date: February 19, 2020


Duke Baldwin is so pucking charming…
I’m hockey royalty. The Baldwin name has gotten me far in the NHL.
But after I get suspended for a fight gone wrong, my general manager gives me two options— go to anger management or find a new team.
I don’t believe in therapy. But four months of sitting across from the sexiest doctor I’ve ever met has a strange effect on me.
Lila gets me to talk about the past I keep buried.
She makes me feel things I’ve locked away for a reason.
I don’t keep women around long.
But once our sessions are over, I can’t let her go…
Not when she’s the cure for thawing the ice around my heart.

“One date,” I say against her lips. “Duke, I don’t know…” I take her hand and hold it over my heart. “Can you feel that?” Lila bobs her head, and I continue, “I’ve never felt like this about another woman.” She shakes her head. “This is crazy.” “And I’m crazy about you.”



This was the first book by Jillian Quinn that I've read and I was delighted. Prince Puking Charming was beautifully written, emotional and heartwarming. I enjoyed the authors writing style, it was clear and the storyline was easy to follow.

Duke is a professional hockey player, struggling with a lot of issues. He has a bad temper that gets him in a lot of trouble. Throwing punches during a game was not his finest moment and if he wants to keep playing he must clean up his act. So he ends up going to anger management therapy with Lila Devine, the team doctor. Their relationship starts off as a professional but there is strong chemistry between them from the first time they meet. Catching feelings for a patient isn't something Lila expected but she gets to know Duke a little bit more with each session and suddenly an innocent crush transforms into something more, even if she knows better than to cross that line.

The story was fairly paced, I loved the banter between the protagonists and the way they challenged each other constantly. Both were relatable characters and also Lila's daughter was so sweet, she stole my heart. The plot was a bit predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and I'm looking forward to reading other books by Jillian Quinn.