Title:  Snow: A Dark Mafia Romance (Colors of Crime, #6)

Author:  Sophie Lark
Genre: Dark Romance, Mafia Romance
Publication date: April 2020
Ebook: 279 pages

A Love Worth Fighting For…
In the ring they call me Snow, because I’m stone cold. I don’t feel fear or pain... I don’t feel much of anything.
Or at least, that’s how it was until I met innocent little Sasha.
She doesn’t belong in my world. She’s trapped here because she owes a debt she can’t possibly pay...
I want this girl more than I’ve ever wanted anything. The problem is, she already belongs to a Bratva boss who plans to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.
I have to find a way to set her free.
I want to be her first, and her last…

My Rating: ★★★★

Snow is the second book I've read by Sophie Lark and it was suspenseful, intense and gripping. I love the author's writing style, it's easy to follow, very expressive and evokes a lot of emotions.

Snow and Sasha fit together perfectly. They're different in many aspects but they found they're better half in each other. Snow (Filip) is an underground fighter, his dream is to leave Russia and go to America to become a certified boxer and make a name for himself. He's built like a gladiator, and he always seems angry, he's an epitome of masculinity, but underneath that rough exterior and the cold walls he's been putting up, there's a man who can feel so much and Sasha manages to melt the ice around his heart and make him fall in love for the first time. She is sweet, carrying, intelligent but also strong-headed and courageous. Meeting Snow has been the thrill of her life and he sparked so many feelings inside her. They have an instant connection and Sasha's need to know more about the tall, dark and brooding fighter makes her feel bold and chase after him.

Their story was suspenseful and full of danger. The Bratva mafia threatened their relationship but they played their cards just right and in the end, they got their happily ever after. The action was faced paced with a good plot. There weren't any major twists but nonetheless, it was exciting and enthralling. I loved the chemistry between the protagonist, their interactions were sizzling hot and their relationship developed organically. Overall I enjoyed this book a lot and I hope there will be more stories in this series.

“I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.”