Title:  To Love A God (Lily of the Valley #1)

Author: Evie Kent
Genre: Dark Romance, Paranormal, Norse Mythology
Publication date: June 4th  2020
Hardcover: 319 pages


I spent my whole life training to become a ballet dancer—a soloist, a star. Today, I’m a toy, a plaything, a distraction…
An offering.
A sacrifice to a caged god, to the Norse trickster.
Trapped in a cave for the sins of his past, he waits for the end of days. Modern worshippers curry favour with gifts and trinkets, spilled blood—and women like me.
Women who resemble his long-dead wife. We all have that look, you see. I’m supposed to be flattered that I remind him of a goddess in an age gone by.
Fuck that.
I’m furious.
The ones who came before me were sweet, docile, compliant—just like her. But I’m not sweet. I’m not docile, and I will never be compliant.
I am resilient. I am determined.
I am—not—drawn to him.
I will survive this.
I will survive him.
My name is Nora Olsen, and I will not die here.



My Rating: ★★★★
I love Norse Mythology and I was so excited about this book. Evie Kent delivered a beautiful and captivating story about gods, love, heartache and sacrifice. The blurb gave me a taste of something dark and dangerous and I'm happy I had the chance to read this story because it was a real treat.

Loki, the God of mischief and deceit has been locked in a cave as punishment for being the catalyst of Ragnarok. For eight hundred years he's been trapped inside that mountain, his power diminished to a fraction of what he could do, and incapable of breaking the bars of his prison. His only solace was the occasional consorts his acolytes brought him from time to time, but even them couldn't erase the loneliness burrowed deep in his soul. Until Nora that is. The American ballerina of Norwegian lineage, the spitfire woman who made his blood thrum in his veins and intrigued him like no others before her. Travelling all around Norway was the first vacation Nora granted herself in well, forever. As a ballerina, she was constantly training at the studio and never had time to relax. But after going through some mind-bending situations she needed to take a break and rediscover herself, so a trip sounded like a good idea, but little did she know that fate had other plans for her and that everything she thought was legend and myth was in fact very real.

Told in dual POV, the story evoked so many feelings. I loved the protagonists. Loki and Nora had perfect chemistry. She was strong-headed, never backed down from a fight, continuously trying to find a way to escape her prison, taking on a mighty God which could have ended her life just by snapping his fingers. She constantly challenged Loki, and he enjoyed her fight very much. Also, seeing Loki's vulnerable side was heartwarming. He might have been immortal but he longed for acceptance and love the same as humans did. The push and pull between the two of them, the constant banter, the sweet moments and the steamy encounters, all were beautifully presented. There were dark elements thought the storyline but completely bearable and the ending was just perfect.

I enjoyed this book very much, and I am looking forward to reading more stories set in the Lily of the Valley universe. I recommend it to everyone who loves dark paranormal romances.

*ARC received in exchange for my honest review.

BOOK  AESTHETIC (my interpretation)