Title:  Crowned A Traitor: A Hellish Fairytale 

Author: Kate Callaghan
Genre: YA,  Fantasy, Paranormal
Publication date: 4 July 2020
Paperback: 220 pages


Heir to Hell and the Dark Forest of Malum, Klara has been called upon to take her place as High Queen of Malum. Though Klara has no intention of ruling, her guardians want her head on a spike. Klara’s only option - escape to Kalos, Fae ruled lands free from Dark Magic. To survive the perilous journey, she needs help...

A Leprechaun with a talent for smuggling.
A mischievous Demon with swaying loyalties.
The soul of a greying Warlock.

Destiny has an awful habit of catching up with those who run.

My Rating: ★★★★

A wonderfully crafted debut novel from author Kate Callaghan. The blurb caught my attention from the start and I am happy I got the chance to read it.

The story follows seventeen-year-old Klara, who is non-other than Lucifer's daughter, and heir to the throne of Hell. Guarded and trained by the three Queens of Malum, she's a skilled fighter and someday she'll become a magnificent ruler. But that isn't what Klara desires, she's a rebel at heart. She never wanted the throne, she only wanted her father to be there for her, and see her as more than just his replacement on the throne. That's why, when the opportunity to leave Malum presents itself, Klara doesn't hesitate to take it. But going against her father's wishes comes with consequences and things start to go downhill rapidly. The High Queen of Malum is out for blood and wants her dead. Her only chance of survival is to get to the Fae lands, but for that, she must put her trust in others, and that might be the biggest challenge yet.

Klara is a multilayered protagonist. She's a total badass, she's recklessly brave and strongwilled, but also compassionate, kind and sometimes fearful. She's been groomed all her life to be the queen of Hell, locked up in a castle, always training, never having time to enjoy her childhood, never having time to make friends. But she only desires freedom and a peaceful life and she'll gladly trade her place on the throne if that means she'll be able to make her own choices in life.

The writing is beautiful with vivid descriptions of the land of Malum and the Kingdom of Hell. The story takes the reader on a wonderful adventure. It was action-packed, with mystery, gritty moments, magic, and a dash of romance. The action developed at a fair pace, leaving room for an intricate plot to develop. There were twists at every turn and that kept me engrossed in the story until the last page. The secondary characters are also well developed and have substance. I loved how Lucifer and the Queen's of Malum were portrayed. I also enjoyed the subtle romance subplot between Klara and Frendall.

The ending caught me by surprise. I did not see that twist coming, even though with all the scheming and plotting that went on in this book I should have prepared myself for something big. It was brilliant and I recommend this book to everyone who loves dark fantasy novels.