Cross My Heart, by Shanjida Nusrath Ali is a dark mafia romance set in the city of Rome and New York. A revenge story with the main characters being connected as school friends, later engaging in a relationship but breaking apart by the threats and darkness of their own worlds. Theia- a pole dancer who falls in love with the main hero but after the breakup she gets married to his step brother. Lucifer- whom Theia loved, gets banished from his city and family after his step brother's conspiracy and gets revenge years later after kidnapping Theia to take parts of the city his brother ruled over. Being back together, Theia and Lucifer's broken relationship starts to reconnect, revealing dark pasts, secrets and lies that ruin their lives all over again.


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''Cross My Heart.''

Three little words that meant more than just a promise for us. Three little words entwined with the promise to be together forever. But neither of us kept that promise. 

He was my best friend, my lover, my forever. But after his betrayal, I lost all hope in love. I promised myself to forget about him and got married. But little did I know I was making a deal with a monster. 

Until one day i was taken away from the monster to be with the devil. Lucifer. The man who shattered my heart. 

Now I'm his pawn to gain victory. But as they say, everything is fair in love and war. This time the love is over and now war has begun.



Wiping away my now dried tears, I feel my heart hammering against my chest. I’ve had enough…I can’t do this anymore.
I’ve failed…
I’ve never felt more hopeless than I do at this moment.

All the pain, agony and torture I’ve suffered day in, day out…physically and emotionally were never actually worth it. A single thought, the one that I knew would make me a coward, crosses my mind as I have no fight left in me.
I have endured this imprisonment for years but now I can’t anymore.

I have no home. No family. No one to love.
And the ones I gave my heart to, they end up breaking my soul into uncountable pieces.
So, this is the only choice I have left. This is the only way.
Swallowing the lump in my throat, I tilt my head back as fresh tears rain down my cheeks.

‘’I can’t do this anymore, mom and dad. I just…I want to be with you guys.’’

Standing up with shaky legs, I try my best to ignore the immense amount of pain radiating through my body from the hits and kicks. But even my body denies my words as my legs give out and I land on the floor. Still feeling determined, I crawl to the bed where I hide the knife under the pillow, the only hiding spot I had.

It’s an out. An easy option, showing everyone that I quit too easily. But at least I won’t have to endure living in this hell anymore. Taking the knife, I sit on the floor with my back against the rough wall as ready my hands grip on the handle of the knife.

One single push and everything will be over.
I look around my surrounding one last time. Dusty carpet. Empty bottles of lube and used condoms scattered on the floor and the bed. One window and no balcony. A full-length mirror in front of me as I see my reflection on it.

The sight will scare anyone. I’m dressed up like a nightmare.
Bruises mark my naked body. My eyes swollen and black. Dried blood coating my lip and cheeks from the unhealed cuts. My tousled pixie cut hair filled with dust.
Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath, positioning the knife against my stomach. The meaningless memories that helped me survive this long flash in front of my eyes. His voice filling my ears even though he isn’t here.

‘’I always want to be with you, only you.’’
‘’I want you in my life for eternity.’’
‘’You are so beautiful that it hurts, my angel.’’
‘’I will always love you, angel. Cross my heart.’’

A single tear falls because I actually believed him…believed his lies.
My parents died years ago. My husband used me as nothing but a pawn. And the only man I ever truly loved used me and left me in the hands of a monster. I have no last words or wishes.

I’m broken, inside out. Taking a deep breath, I plunge the knife in my belly.
The pain radiates through my nerves as the blood starts dribbling down to the floor. Letting out a heavy sigh, I open my eyes while watching myself in the mirror.
More blood oozes out from the deep cut. I don’t know how much time passes by, but my vision starts to blur.

My heart thudding hard as if it’s beating one last time. Even my throat feels dry watching the pool of blood grow on the floor as my hands become crimson.
Within minutes my body starts to weaken as I can no longer hold myself…
My skin turning pale and cold….my heart not beating fast anymore…
Everything is blurry…can't focus…can’t feel…can’t see in this darkness…distant gunshots…
I’m finally free.
This is it for me.


Rating ⭐⭐⭐.5

A thrilling mafia romance from author Shanjida Nusrath Ali.  I was instantly drawn to this book after reading the blurb and I'm happy I got the opportunity to read it. Emotion, drama, action, this story had it all and kept me glued to the pages.  Theia and Lucifer take us on a wild ride. Their relationship is a whirlwind. Dangerous situations, secrets, lies and deceit are all wonderfully woven together. An enduring dark mafia romance. A well-scripted and easy to follow story with engaging and interesting characters. This book is a tear-jerker so have lots of tissues on hand when you read it. I recommend it!

About the author

Shanjida Nusrath Ali is a student by day and an aspiring independent author by night. Known for her debut dark romance, Destroyed (Dark Love Duet #1), she loves to write about characters going through a dark and rough path to love with consequences at every turn and come out stronger in time. Her characters and story mostly focus on society and physical abuse, showing a heartbreaking journey for her characters.

Shanjida was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh but was raised in Sylhet living with her over 20-ish family members. She later on moved to Dhaka city for her education living in an apartment with her mom and brother, while her dad worked day and night on his family business back in Sylhet. She is now studying on English Language and Art while continuing her passion for writing. Being inspired by Anna Todd's ''After'' series she started her writing journey on wattpad. With the increasing love and support she moved towards a bigger platform by publishing her first debut novel of Dark Love Series, Destroyed, in July 2019.

Shanjida is super friendly and open minded with her friends, readers and authors. In Instagram you will find her answering any questions asked by her followers and even fangirling over her favorite authors. At the age of 17 she achieved a lot by publishing her own books, having her first art exhibition, completing her classical dance degree and even graduating college.
She even participated in various anthologies by Temptation Press, releasing her first anthologies.

Though she never intended to become an author from the very beginning, but life took it's turn when she got the love and support from her readers and fellow authors.

Other than reading books and writing, Shanjida loves dancing and stage drama, along with listening to any music that gives a kick to her mood.


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