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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, an all-new dangerously sexy contemporary romance by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde is now LIVE!! Grab the first book in the Devil Trilogy TODAY!!  




A modern-day pirate. 
An heiress lost at sea. 
And the treasure of a lifetime. 

  He’s beautiful. Calculating. Cruel. And he’s taken me hostage. When pirates board my boyfriend’s yacht, I jump overboard to save myself. Drifting at sea. Until one man rescues me from the endless ocean. Except he has plans of his own. I’m worth too much money for ransom. He’ll keep me on his ship and in his bed. The real danger lies in his dark-depth eyes. He wants more from me than money. Than passion. He wants everything. He rescued me, but I’m far from safe. There’s an entire sea of danger threatening to drag me under. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde is a dangerously sexy contemporary romance that will blow you out of the water.  


Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Hook, line and sinker. This book had me devouring chapter after chapter. I wanted to take my time with it and read it slowly, but I just couldn't, I ended up reading it in one sitting. I love Amelia's writing style, and this one is definitely going on my favourites shelf. 

I've been wanting for Poseidon's story and we finally got it, and OMG, this modern-day pirated conquered my heart immediately. This broody, dark and dangerous hunk of a man, can kidnap me any day, I won't protest :)) 

The story starts full-on action, with Ashley being on vacation with her boyfriend and witnessing him being killed by drug dealers. She escapes the yacht they were on only to fall into Poisedon's hands. She might see him as her saviour at first, but Ashley is far from safe on his ship. This vicious and outrageously handsome pirate has plans of his own with her, and escaping his grasp won't be that easy, especially when there's an irresistible magnetism that pulls Ashley towards Poseidon.

The action is fast-paced but with enough room for plot development. It was thrilling, full of dangerous situations and with some turns of events that kept me intrigued until the last page. I loved how things unfolded between Poseidon and Ashley, the secrets, the suspense, and the sizzling chemistry between them. Ashley is a bit naïve and too impulsive in the beginning, but she can also hold her own and she has some tricks up her sleeve as well. Her survival instincts are strong, and I loved her fighting spirit. Every interaction between her and Poseidon is intense. He tries to control his feelings towards her as much as possible but there's an ache in his heart that doesn't allow Poseidon to be cruel towards Ashley (at least not as much as he would like :D) and when he gives in to those emotions the two of them together are explosive. 

The book ended with a surprising cliffhanger, and now I'm very curious to see how things will unfold. I'll be counting the days until the next book comes out.

  About the Author: 
Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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