Release Date: December 14 
Cover by Nelly R. 

What happens when a beast of blood finds a bride of light in the land of death?


Growing up on the streets of Los Fortis, Alessandro 'Alpha' Villanova scrapped his way to the top, fighting for his very survival, losing everything in the process. A city that shunned him then is now the one he rules, albeit alone, as the king of a dark empire few know about.


Far from Alpha's world, Zephyr de la Vega has a normal life, normal family, normal drama. Her biggest problem is people trying to make her lose a few pounds. When a chance encounter puts her on his path, she makes a proposition that changes the course of their lives. 


As a killer goes on a spree in Alpha's city, taking apart his scarred empire corpse by corpse, and The Syndicate comes into play, their partnership evolves into something deeper, more enduring, more powerful than either of them anticipated.


Evil ascends. Darkness descends. 

A new order is born.

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Meet RuNyx

I'm an ancient soul trapped in a 26-year-old body. The phoenix is myspirit animal, books are my lifesavers, and words are my lifeblood.

I was born with stories in my veins. As far back as my memories go, story-telling has been a part of my life. 

I stumbled upon writing accidentally while going through severe depression. 

Writing became not just a means of expressing but also catharsis. Every single character and every single story became precious. It taught me to love, to live, and most importantly, it made me discover who I was.

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